Founded in 2014, Pye Design crafts timeless brands that align passion with purpose.

Our mission is to connect people to products or services and vice versa.

Pye Design is an international award winning agency that provides everything from advertising and design, to internet marketing and public relations. Our world-class talent serves clients big and small, every day. While we are based out of Victoria BC, our multi-faceted approach has attracted clients from around the globe.

We are sometimes asked how we do what we do and the answer is simple. Pye Design helps you communicate your unique products and services to the right market at the right time. Rather than creating generic strategies that have little, if any, effect, we create a strategic marketing partnership that will allow our clients to maximize their efforts. The mantra we live by is simple – we only succeed when you do. Effectively, we engineer the message that will ultimately drive in business and get you recognized.

The depth of our talent pool is matched only by our enthusiasm for what we do. We thrive on collaboration, creativity and innovation. Our job is to move your audience to choose you, adore you and stay loyal to you.

We incite emotions. We combine words and images to create a lasting impact. It is a carefully crafted magic pulled from the art and science that is contemporary marketing.

We look forward to working with you.