Based out of beautiful Victoria BC, we craft timeless brands that visually communicate the essence of you & your business.

What is a brand? A brand isn’t a logo, and it’s definitely not an ad. A brand is a voice, a tone, an attitude, or a message. It can make any business stand out, particularly in a saturated market. Your brand is everything from the language you use to describe yourself, to the paper you print your business cards on. Your brand is what people say about your business when you're not in the room. Pye Design can walk you through the process of creating a brand that will stand out in a saturated market; whether you're new on the scene, rebranding after 30 years in business, or just need a bit of a face lift.


Logo Design

A brand is a voice, a tone, or even an attitude. It's everything from how your employees dress to how you answer the phone. We will work with you to create a brand identity that effectively communicates with your target audience.

Web Development

On the surface, web design can be intimidating. We prefer to keep things simple. So, if you are looking to create an online brand experience that drives engagement and results in business then let’s get together and start the process.


For those companies that want to get up close and personal with their audience, there’s no better form of marketing than social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, are now central to the online experience.


Pye Design has an extensive network of talented professionals throughout British Columbia, many of which are skilled photographers. Whether it's portrait, product, corporate or landscape, we can help find you the best match for your project.


We have relationships with a tight knit community of writers who are ready to get started on your one-of-a-kind campaign. Great content needs to be well thought out, researched and continually updated to get noticed and stay relevant.


Have you written a children's book? Need a character mascot? Maybe you need an illustrated map so people can find you? Whatever it is, Amy Pye is a skilled illustrator and can provide you with original images that will be sure to get attention.