What makes you itch?

Photo:  Timothy West

If you know me, chances are you know that I'm an enthusiast of British philosopher and thinker Alan Watts. And, if you know Alan Watts, you have likely already heard his speech "What if Money was no Object?". For those who haven't, you can listen to it here (and I highly recommend that you do).

As someone who works in marketing, I deal with a lot of small businesses, many of which are startups. I love it - their energy is contagious and there is nothing better than helping someone realize their business goals. But, starting a business can be scary! Believe me, I know. I'm a small business and, a few years ago, I was a startup too. To help ease my own fears, I would listen to this wonderful speech. I would treat it like my pep talk when I was feeling low. And today, I pass it along to clients who could be facing similar doubts.

While it's important to look at your business objectively, entrepreneurs are generally pretty passionate people. Rather than looking ahead and feeling dissatisfied because you aren't where you thought you'd be (or "should" be) yet, stay present to take in the experiences around you and appreciate where you are now. You are going to face ups and downs, and in some aspects, you are going to fail. Entrepreneurs need to go with the flow and know that often, the very best idea is the second, third, or eighteenth one that you try.

Bottom line is, your intuition got you this far, so trust it. Don't ignore your own excitement. Keep the passion burning and your vision front and center at all times. It's the perfect fuel for your dreams.

It’s better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way.
— Alan W. Watts
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