Picture This...

The saying goes “a picture can say a thousand words.” In business, a picture can sell a thousand products. Images are essential for creating effective branding, marketing and communications that inspire and engage customers. It can be difficult to use images with the confidence that you are not infringing on any copyright or ethical boundaries. Questions around Copyright, Fair Use, Creative Commons and Public Domain are complicated to answer, but necessary in order to use images properly.

Case Study: Nanaimo Child Development Centre

Over the last year, Pye Design has been working with the Nanaimo Children Development Centre (NCDC) to refresh the non-profit’s branding. For over two decades, the NCDC has been represented by a silhouetted teddy bear. Because this was such an established icon, we decided to give a new look to the existing concept, as opposed to reinventing the wheel. By working intimately with the organization, Pye Design created a new look, establishing a foundation for revitalized branding on all platforms.

Case Study: Feastival

The Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce launched a new event this year. Feastival will be a new celebration of Vancouver Island’s culinary scene. The event, happening September 26th, is going to include a chowder competition, a tradeshow, addresses by some of Vancouver Island’s hottest chefs, and a farmers market. These are just a few of the attractions which will draw the attention of farmer and foodie alike.