Case Study: Ruby Lake Lagoon Society

Ruby Lake Lagoon Society is an ever-growing, non-profit organization. Their mission is to preserve and enhance the natural habitat and wildlife of the Ruby Lake Lagoon, to facilitate local environmental education, and to assist in monitoring the ecological health of the Sunshine Coast.

Amy Pye has been working with this organization for many years, and recently took on the project of building their new website. The Ruby Lake Lagoon Society has experienced rapid growth and continues to develop as the society launches new projects and programs. In order to reflect the high energy, fast-paced and forward thinking phase the organization is in, the website needed to be modern, cutting edge and dynamic. The website also needed to be engaging, image focused, and responsive. The website visually tells a story about the work being done at Ruby Lake and the opportunities to become involved.

Dr. Jackson, Chair of the Ruby Lake Lagoon Society had this to say about working with Amy:

“Amy is one of the most creative people I have ever met and it is always a great pleasure to work with her. Every time we speak she is so full of new ideas and seems to have a real flair for finding exactly what you need – as if she has somehow read your mind. Amy is extremely efficient and organized and is always there when you need her and I can honestly say that she has never once let me down in all the years we have collaborated together.”

Pye Design is happy to support this organization both professionally and personally, not only because they are preserving the thriving biodiversity of the Sunshine Coast, but because they also support environmental projects globally such as 1% for the Planet Project.

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