Case Study: Feastival

The Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce launched a new event this year. Feastival will be a new celebration of Vancouver Island’s culinary scene. The event, happening September 26th, is going to include a chowder competition, a tradeshow, addresses by some of Vancouver Island’s hottest chefs, and a farmers market. These are just a few of the attractions which will draw the attention of farmer and foodie alike.

Pye Design was happy to build a brand for this new event. The logo is of course the brand’s foundation; a key component that all promotional material is built upon. Feastival is all about the party, the celebration and the food. We wanted to create a brand that would capture this.

The logo finds the intersection between a pocket market and Mardi Gras. It speaks to the Island culture of local food and craft beverages as well as the fun party vibe of a festival. As a brand new event, the logo needed to speak volumes about what the event itself entails. It needed to translate, into a literal context, what would be happening at the event. With no legacy yet, the branding of Feastival is critical in creating a draw for the event and attracting the right kind of guests.

In the end, the logo focused on reflecting a celebration of food and beverage. The images of a fish mid-jump and a bottle of beverage mid-corking give a sense of movement, vitality and revelry. The images of garlic and tomatoes root the logo in local food. Stepping back, you feel the energy of the event and can recognize its purpose: to celebrate the Island’s culinary culture.

Feastival is happening on September 26th, 2015 at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre. For more information, please contact the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce at (250) 756-1191.

Amy PyeComment