Case Study: Nanaimo Child Development Centre

Over the last year, Pye Design has been working with the Nanaimo Children Development Centre (NCDC) to refresh the non-profit’s branding. For over two decades, the NCDC has been represented by a silhouetted teddy bear. Because this was such an established icon, we decided to give a new look to the existing concept, as opposed to reinventing the wheel. By working intimately with the organization, Pye Design created a new look, establishing a foundation for revitalized branding on all platforms.

With the support of Erica, the NCDC Communication officer, Pye Design launched a consultation process with staff about what the centre means to them. What became clear through this process was that, though the centre is for children, the impact of services was helping big people help little people. The Nanaimo Child Development Centre is all about connecting unique children with the big people they need in their lives to be successful: therapists, caregivers, specialists and social workers. The NCDC equips parents and guardians with the skills and support they need to guide their children through life. It was this legacy of relationship-focused programs and services that inspired the new logo.

It was important for the new logo to maintain brand recognition, as the previous logo had been the symbol for client and supporters alike for over a decade. By straying too far from that concept, the NCDC may have lost awareness or traction in the community. The new logo is easily recognizable as the NCDC but says something a little different about the work being done at the organization.

The new logo is an icon for a supportive adult-child relationship, whatever that relationship may be. It is the foundation for a larger branding change at the non-profit which includes new exterior colors and décor, banners and communication pieces.

The Nanaimo Child Development Centre had believed in the potential of all children since its foundation in 1967. Launching with 7 clients almost 40 years ago, the NCDC now serves 1800 children with special needs and their families every year and is a leader in childhood development services in the area.

Pye Design was thrilled to be a part of this project. The NCDC touches so many lives in our area that working on their brand connect us to something really special. Looking forward, Pye Design will continue to be involved with the NCDC through branding and marketing projects for the 2015 NCDC Telethon and the 2016 Silly Boat Regatta, two trademark fundraising events for the NCDC.

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