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We all want one to be number one on Google. Unfortunately, there’s no button to press that will automatically give you an awesome ranking. Any website containing inbound links will eventually be found by all of the search engines, but you can submit it manually as well – just to be safe. Here’s how:

1. Register your site
Go to, click “Add a site…” and type in your URL. You’ll then have to verify that the site is yours.

2. Verification
The default way to verify ownership is to upload a file to your server. Click the link to download the HTML verification file. Using FileZilla, upload that file to the root of your website. Then click the link in step 3 of the “Verify ownership” instructions to make sure it worked.

3. Create a Sitemap
A sitemap helps search engines index your site properly. WordPress has a free plugin which will automatically create it for you – so no excuses! Just go to plugins in your dashboard, search for “Google XML Sitemaps” and click install.

4. Submit your Sitemap
Go to settings, XML-sitemap. Hit “Click Here” at the top to build your map. Then make sure Google finds it by going to the Google Webmaster Tools > Site Configuration > Sitemaps > Submit a Sitemap > Type sitemap.xml > Click Submit Sitemap.

5. Check Keywords
Once the Google spider has visited your site (it’s not as scary as it sounds), you will see a wide range of data that complements Google Analytics. For example, it shows where incoming links are coming from and the top search queries. Check that the top words are the most important.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! If you want to learn more about how to improve your search engine ranking, contact us.

Amy Pyeseo, googleComment